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When is a monster not a monster?
Oh, when you love it. Caitlyn Siehl  (via scrlett)

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i’m drunk and my
body quivers and my
limbs move slower than
my racing mind
and i think that I want to tell
you that I love you

and when I’m sober
I will still love you
but I will be afraid
that you

won’t love me too

i’m drunk and in love with you by Amanda Katherine Ricketson (via -poetic)

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i’ll get my shit together tomorrow me everyday (via basorexiv)

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hollyjwonders said: You're right about Tris. He gets along swimmingly with Zoe and Tori and Miles, but never clicked with Zig and only got along with Maya out of necessity after Tori left...



Which is why I’m hoping for the Maya/Tristan friendship to end, for the most part. I think he takes her for granted and like you said, they were only BFFs because they had someone else. I could see them being friendly acquaintances, because that’s in character for Maya. And with Zig/Tristan, they’ll never be friends, I don’t think. Tristan is too judgmental and Zig has come pretty far from being Tori’s passive boyfriend who never really stuck up for himself. 

Jesus, I hope the friendship has ended for good, too.

Seconding Tristan being too judgmental. See, this is why Tristan doesn’t have that many friends. The friends he does get are probably because he’s their Lady Gaga/’I don’t give a shit what you think and I’ll do whatever I want’.

Tristan is like the Emma of the Manny/Emma friendship. I’m not just saying that because Tori’s actress is the sister of Manny’s actress. Just Tristan and Emma always get on my bad side and piss me off. Emma/Manny was an unhealthy friendship (it always felt like Emma took Manny for granted, so when I finally matured enough, I started siding more with Manny than Emma). Clare/Alli seems like the less awful/less toxic comparison for Emma/Manny.

I like Emma better when she’s with Spinner (I was honestly amazed at how much I appreciated that ship).

I like Tristan better when he’s with Miles (why, I don’t know why- it’s also how I like Miles with his siblings [not in an incestual way]).

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when bad things happens to the person you hate


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sometimes i don’t know
the difference between
the ceiling and the floor
and the grays and blacks
and they all look the same
but it is in those moments
of uncertainty i know that
you are on my mind
in the most serene way

i think that two plus two
equals four and that
rainbows are most beautiful
after a violent storm
and that I plan to be hurt
beyond compare
when I leave this life
for good
and it is in these moments
when I think I know nothing
but I think about everything

I know I can love you

I’ve been hurt but I can still love you I swear by Amanda Katherine Ricketson (via -poetic)

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android users be like 


yea so we can stop lookin at ya nasty ass while we on the phone

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i love sleeping. it’s the only time when you can escape reality.

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'where is the pen i was using like 3 seconds ago' an autobiography i'll never write because i keep losing the pen i was using like 3 seconds ago.

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